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China factory resilient seat gate valve 

China factory resilient seat gate valve  Design/Production Description: 
Normal pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa 
Suitable medium: water and neutral liquid 
Face to face comply with ANSI B16.10,BS 5163, DIN 3202 F4 & F5, ISO 5752 Series 3/14/15/19 Rated pressure PN10,16,25,straight thorugh bore type non rising stem and rising stem OS&Y. Cost savingfeature is replaceable wedge without taking the valve out from the pipeline. Valves are designed especially for potable water, waste water and suitable for all types of water and air. 
SIZE : 50 mm.- 400 mm. 
The wedge shall be totally encapsulated with rubber. The sealing rubber shall be permanently bonded to the wedge per ASTM D429.Valves shall be supplied with o-ring seals at all pressure retaining joints. No flat gaskets shall be allowed. The valves shall be either non-rising stem or rising stem, opening by turning left or right, and provided with 2" square operating nut or a handwheel with the word “Open” and an arrow to indicate the direction to open. 
Stainless steel stems or stem nuts are not allowed. NRS stems shall have two o-rings located above thrust collar and one o-ring below. Stem o-rings shall be replaceable with valve fully opened and subjected to full pressure. The NRS stems on 4" - 12" shall also have two low torque thrust bearings located above and below the stem collar to reduce friction during operation. Waterway shall be smooth, unobstructed and free of all pockets, cavities and depressions in the seat area.Valves 4" and larger shall accept a full size tapping cutter. 
The body, bonnet, and o-ring plate shall be fusion-bond epoxy coated, both interior and exterior on body and bonnet. 
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