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The role of DIN Y strainer

DIN Y Type Strainer:
For such sectors as hot oil system, power station, steam system, hot water system, thermal power plant, natural gas supply system, water circulation system and refrigeration system.
Application Standard:
Face to face dimension Standard: DIN 3205-F1
Flanged Standard: DIN2531-2545
Shell Pressure Test: 1.5 X PN
Strainer Specifications:
Water Medium: 20-40 Mesh
Air Medium: 40-100 Mesh
Oil Medium: 10-180 Mesh
DIN Y strainer
Main Parts Material:
Body: GS-C25, CF8, CF3
Mesh: F304, F316
Gasket: Asbestos + S.S, PTFE
Bonnet: GS-C25, CF8, CF3
Hexagon nut: ASTM A193 2H, A293-8, A193-8M
Bolt: ASTM A193 B7, A193-B8, A193-B8M
Screw Plut: F304, F316
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