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What is the role of the engine can be turned into A type butterfly valve

A type butterfly valve

Conventional butterfly valve based exhaust auxiliary braking device can be further improved efficiency of the engine braking. WEVB system main role is to increase the need to slow down when the truck braking torque produced by the diesel engine, the vehicle continued to decelerate or stabilize vehicle speed, effectively improve the control performance of the vehicle, the vehicle can ensure safety on the mountain downhill, reducing brake using the frequency of the system, reduce the degree of wear of the brake system, extended brake shoe replacement cycle. In addition, the use of WEVB system in case of emergency in the rain or ice and snow, it can prevent the vehicle due to deceleration of the vehicle caused by excessive slip phenomenon. Although you can not use the exhaust brake emergency brake to stop the vehicle, but you can achieve the purpose of decelerating the vehicle stable.

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