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Our main OEM parts are casting parts, stamping/ drawing/ sheetmetal fabrication . We have our subsidiary factories for stamping parts respectively.

For castings, grey iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper alloy are melted by electric furnaces. Different Casting process technologies are adopted according to customer’s requirements. We can provide finished products with machining well according to your 2D or 3D drawings. The quality control and inspection are very strictly excuted.

Stamping  parts are widely used in many industries, like automobile parts, electronics, cabinet/shelf, fireplace case, others hardwares & components.
1. Very high production rate, very low piece price.
2. Metal processing like metal stamping part, deep drawing part, welding part, precision machined parts available.
3. Surface treatment including polishing, coating(e-coating, powder coating, and immersion coating), and plating(chrome, nickel, copper, zinc electroplating).
4.Various material like stainless steel, iron (SPCC, ,SECC, SPTE, tinplate), aluminum alloy.

 Whether your challenge is lead time, critical tolerances, complex metal fabrication, special material or large volume components, we can offer the cost-effective solutions and considerate services. We will continue to apply our energy to create an integrated and long term advantage for our customers, including new product development and comprehensive service, we hope to establishing the extensive business relationship with user, trader and distributor from different country on long term basis. 

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